Morosanto Tintilla de Rota 2011

Morosanto Tintilla de Rota 2011


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The last bottles available. The next vintage will be released no earlier than in a couple of years!

Name: Tintilla de Rota
Type: Sustainable Red Wine
Vintage: 2011
Winery: Morosanto
Region: D.O. Sierras de Málaga. Serranía deRonda
Variety: Tintilla de Rota
Alcohol: 14.5%
Elaboration: Prepared, as it is, entirely from a grape native to Andalucía (Tintilla de Rota), and matured on its home soil, this wine has great potential for maturing into a “reserve” vintage. It has a combination of fruitiness and acidity which is all its own.
The grape is perfectly suited to the hot climate of the Andalucían summer, and its short growing cycle enables us to extend its maturation process. This vintage was harvested at the optimum point in time, the third week of Sep-tember.
Developing this wine is a delicate and meticulously careful process, involving ageing in 500-litre French oak barrels. During the alcoholic fermentation there took place daily bazuqueos, an intricate stirring operation which has as its goal the mixing of fruit solids evenly throughout the liquid, and breaking the yeast cap in order to allow the wine’s natural aromas to circulate freely. The wine was then transferred to smaller oak barrels, enabling contact with the aromatic wood to influence the wine’s flavour more completely over the 16-month maturing phase.
Colour/Nose/Mouth: This is a ruby-red wine with a cherry-coloured “crown”. It has a high capa and médium intensity. To the nose it presents the smoky aroma of French oak with subsequent dark fruit notes (blackberry, currants). As it mixes with the air, it begins to offer fragrances of aromatic plants, mixed with balsamic tones. The wine’s polished and rounded tanins give it a velvety feel in the mouth. Its discernible acidity brings a fresh sensation to the palate, balanced with the wine’s own sweetness. The aftertaste of red fruits is especially attractive.