F. Schatz Acinipo 2009

F. Schatz Acinipo 2009


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The only wine in Spain made of Lemberger

The only wine in Spain made of Lemberger.
The signature biodynamic wine by Frederico Schatz.

Name: F.Schatz Acinipo
Type: Organic & Biodynamic red wine
Vintage: 2009
Winery: Bodegas F. Schatz
Region: D.O Sierras de Malaga, Serranía de Ronda
Variety: Lemberger
Alcohol: 14.5%
Elaboration: 13 months of ageing "sur lie" with "batonnage" (*) in Slovenian oak barrels.
(*) Ageing on natural fine lees, which is raisaed at regular intervals during a period of time between 2 - 6 months
Colour: Ruby Red
Nose: Fresh and lively wild cherry, with spicy notes.
Mouth: Complex, clean and elegant harmony of fruit and mineral. True reflection of the terroir, with strong personality.
Climatology: Winter was warm and dry; the last time it rained was on 23/12/06, followed by warm temperatures (up to 21°C) and minor night frosts up to -3°C. The rain came back at the end of January together with some cold days. We finished pruning at the beginning of February. Sprouting was at the beginning of April, a week later than the previous year. On May 19th the flowering started and continued until June 9th. We began harvesting on the 2nd of September and finished on October 7th. During harvest, we had rain on three days (September 13th 15 litres, September 21st 16 litres and October 3rd 12 litres), which caused the calm ripening of the late varieties.