Tasting By Angelique Teo - 7/12 - Ocho Y Medio Chardonnay

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In a few words, this is a BIG and RICH chardonnay. Named the "Vineyard in the Clouds", the grapes are grown at 850m above sea-level without any herbicides or pesticides.

The Bottle
Name: Ocho y Medio (meaning 8 and a half)
Type: Sustainable Chardonnay
Vintage: 2017
Winery: Bodega Finca la Estacada
Region: La Mancha, Spain

Special Mention
The baby blue label is fun and creative, making continues reference to the vineyard's altitude. On the back, it reads, " ... defying the limits where the madness of a challenge becomes a walk in the clouds."

The front bears the image of a gentleman in a suit on a bicycle-like machine, riding through the sky while balloons made of grapes power and carry the contraption beyond the clouds.

First Impressions
A completely unoaked Chardonnay as the vinification is done in steel. Fine, clean and perfectly crisp with a streak of sea air blowing right through it, it's a refreshingly different take on the typical Chardonnay.

Nose and Mouth
The hue is straw yellow with aromas of green apple and tropical fruits, which also appear in the mouth. Long wine, round and with a crisp acidity. Would probably go really nicely with smoked or grilled fish seafood, as well as spicy food.


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