Tasting By Angelique Teo - 6/12 - Chinchilla Encaste

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We are at the halfway mark with my wine reviews!

Thanks for walking this journey with me. Here's bottle number six.

Encaste personifies a wine from a city and land whose traditions lie deep in the traditions of classical Rome.

The sunlight, climate, culture and the ancient art of the bull, all ensure that the Cabernet Sauvignon vine (from which births this wine) represents the character and intensity of this ancient land, where the bull’s head blazes from the bridge over Ronda’s great gorge.

The Bottle
Name: Encaste
Type: Sustainable Red Wine - Cabernet Sauvignion
Vintage: 2013 
Winery: Bodegas Doña Felisa
Region: Ronda, Spain

The bottle is striking, serious and fun all at the same time with its distinct imprint of a bulls head on the label.

It immediately tells the story of Ronda's history and connecting to traditions.

The black and bronze foil holds a traditional cork which reveals a wine with simplicity and profundity.

First Impressions
After 12 months of being pampered in French Oak barrels, it's beauty is immediate with the the clarity of ruby red and redcurrant tones.

Nose and Mouth
A deep breath reveals some woodiness with some traces of spice and chocolate. On the palate, it's fully rounded with so much freshness that's reminiscent of clean mountain air.


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