Tasting By Angelique Teo - 5/12 - Junior Vetas Petit Verdot

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French grapes on Spanish soil.

Thanks to Juan Manuel Vetas, the founding father of Ronda wines.

His young family wasn't the only thing he brought from Bordeaux in the 80s. His French grapes helped Ronda in becoming the fastest growing wine region in Spain.

I'm meant to be reviewing the wine but let's pay attention to the story instead.

Out of the 5,166 bottles produced that year, it's incredible that some have made it to Singapore shores. The story of a man with a vision, paired with devotion and patience, to literally see (and taste) the fruits of his labour right at his doorstep.

The Bottle
Name: Junior Vetas
Type: Organic Red Wine - Petit Verdot
Vintage: 2013 Tinto Crianza
Winery: Bodegas Vetas
Region: Ronda, Spain

The contrasting white label bears a miniature handprint - his grandson's - and represents the tight-knit relationship within the family.

First Impressions
Violet tones married with hints of cherry appear upon pouring.

Nose and Mouth
Those cherry hues translate into a sensory pleasure to the nose. After a couple of swirls, deep aromas of herbs and nuts reveal themselves. Upon hitting the palate, the fruitiness is obvious and the wine pairs perfectly with a rich risotto or a tomato-based pasta.


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