Tasting By Angelique Teo - 3/12 - Cava Sutra

Tasting By Angelique Teo 3/12
Cava Sutra

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The name Cava Sutra itself suggests that this bottle be best reserved for someone who reciprocates thoughts of intimacy and romance.

This is the first featured bottle that's NOT from Ronda, but from Valencia. No less special, though, I promise!

The Bottle
Name: Brut Cava Sutra
Type: 90% Macabeo and 10% Chardonnay
Ageing: 11 months on lees
Winery: Bodegas Antonio Arráez
Region: Valencia, Spain


The label and the neck foil are a pretty shade of baby pink with clear text across the front and a proclamation that it was "Made for Love", or "Hecho Para El Amor". Corked the traditional way, the pink foil reveals a sleek black muselet (or wire cage) that protects the carbonated beverage from premature "spurting".

Fun fact: the word "muselet" derives its name from the French word "museler", or to muzzle.

First Impressions

Popping a bottle of bubbly is always a fun occasion and often associated with a celebration of sorts. This Cava Sutra releases a delicate and fresh aroma upon opening and possesses a bright, but pale yellow tint, that compliments the liveliness of the bubbles.

Nose and Mouth 

There is an immediate emphasis of white fruits balanced with light citrus touches that provide its freshness. The palate is round and velvety, the perfect balance with its fine bubbles.


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