Tasting By Angelique Teo - 1/12 - Garnacha Finca Los Frutales

Tasting By Angelique Teo 1/12
Garnacha Finca Los Frutales

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In the first of my series of twelve wine reviews, I kick-off with a full-bodied bottle of red.

Name: Garnacha Finca Los Frutales
Type: Organic Red Wine
Vintage: 2014
Winery: Bodega Joaquín Fernández 
Region: Ronda, Spain.

A natural beeswax capsule seals the traditional cork. There's a romance to the opening of this bottle as I watch the wax peel away and flake off the cork and bottle neck. It's a mini jaw-dropping moment as this is the first time I am opening a bottle sealed this way. The cork is stained with a subdued royal purple hue and at first sniff has hints of oak and berries.

First Impressions
Upon pouring, the deep-reddish hue is bold in both colour and aroma. The legs stream slowly down the bowl - marking a full-bodied wine.

Nose and Mouth
Allowing it to breathe for 30 minutes, the nose is extremely fruity and gives me hints of herbs and citrus. The mouth is intense and feels rather "dense" on my tongue, again giving me some freshness of herbs and fruitiness.


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