Ronda Wines Brand Ambassador in Japan

Minami Ichiro - Ronda Wines Brand Ambassador in Japan 

We are proud to announce that Mr. Ogawa Ichiro (aka Minami Kiichiro) kindly accepted our proposal to be Ronda Wines [Brand] Ambassador in Japan. Ogawa-san is a top wine expert and a charismatic personality in the world of wines recognised in Japan and beyond. He’s been to Ronda and is familiar with Ronda wines of which he has the highest opinion. And he fully supports our intention to let  wine lovers in Japan and other countries of Asia/Pacific Region enjoy and appreciate the new taste Spanish wines that Ronda offers. It is our honour to have him as our supporter in the Japanese market.
Ogawa-san has chosen the wines he will offer to his audience. They are DV Aires and DV Isusta by Descalzos Viejos Winery, Vetas Petit Verdo by Vetas Winery, Samsara and Samsara Manos Negras by Samsara Wines. By the way, he is so impressed by Samsara 2012 that he decided to include it  in his special wines collection and to add it up with further 4 vintages to run a “vertical tasting” in 5 years time.
In March, we are having a series of events in Tokyo, supported and co-organised by Ogawa-san, to expose Ronda wines to a selected audience of over 100 wine specialists and wine lovers. Moreover, these events will be joined by Mr. Jose Maria Losantos who is the President of D.O. Malaga and the owner of the largest winery of Ronda, Bodega Doña Felisa Chinchilla. Surely, it will be the great step forward, towards the success of Ronda wines in Japan and beyond.
The above said inspires us very much to carry on in Singapore as we see great potential for our all natural wines here.

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