PURE Celebration Dinners by Wines of Ronda

Our series of events called PURE Celebration is focused on purity of ingredients, hearty food by Celebrity Chefs and sustainable wines of Ronda.

Born out of desire to clearly differentiate Wines of Ronda’s sustainable production, PURE Celebration showcases an approach that is completely diffrent from the market full of compromises.

Complementing SUSTAINABLE HIGH ALTITUDE CRAFT WINES OF RONDA, ingredients for PURE events are sourced from LIKE MINDED PARTNERS that are practicing sustainability themselves and organic product suppliers. Wide range of Ingredients, includes locally produced vegetables, fish/seafood, meat and tea etc.

PURE Celebr★tion Dinners Line Up

PURE Celebration 1
@ The Wine Vault
Date: 27th July 2017
Chef Jimmy Chok
35 guests attended

PURE Celebration 2
@ Audace
Date: 8th September 2017
Chefs Jimmy Chok & Jeremy Gillon
28 guests attended

PURE Celebration 3
@ Antoinette
Date: 27th October 2017
Chefs Jimmy Chok & Pang K.K.
34 guests attended

PURE Celebration 4
@ Esquina
Date: 6th December 2017
Chef Carlos Montobbio

PURE Celebration 5
@ The Wine Vault
Date: 15th December 2017
Chefs Jimmy Chok & Anderson Ho
27 guests attended

PURE Celebration 6
@ Kai Garden
Date: 19th January 2018
Chef Fung & Chef Jimmy Chok

PURE Celebration 7
Date: 23rd February 2018
@Alma by Juan Amador Restaurant

Executive Chef Haikal Johari
& Chef de Cuisine Sufian Zaini
38 guests attended

PURE Celebration 8
Date: 23rd March 2018
@ Binomio Spanish Restaurant
Chef Jose Alonso & GM Eduardo Ortega


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