Ronda is considered to be a unique terroir that is conductive to the growing of sustainable wines, including organic ones.

We have so far brought to Singapore 42 wines of 11 boutique wineries of Ronda of which 22 wines are organic (5 wineries). Here we go with the organic wine growers of D.O. Serranias de Ronda.

Kieninger Wines

Probably the brightest wines in Ronda. Known as Maestro Kieninger, Martin is one of the strongest followers of organic/biodynamic concept in winemaking in Ronda who makes hi-end wines. An Austrian by origin, Martin settled down in Ronda over 16 years ago. Grows both Spanish, French and Austrian varieties. By the end of this year he is supposed to introduce Kieninger Pure, the first wine that implies/contains nothing but the grape an the hands that make this wine.

Joaquin Fernandez Wines

A true Spanish winemaker with his roots in the nature of Andalusia. Strongly motivated as an organic winemaker whose live's motivation is to grow and make purest wines which lets us call him Señor Organico. His wines are full of real taste and designed as rustic product which may, to a wine lover, accentuate the fineness of the wine itself.

Federico Schatz Wines

Bourn into a family with about 400 years of winemaking history in the Northern Italy and Southern Germany, he settled in Ronda in early 80s of the last century, which was the result of his search for ideal terroir. This makes him literally the man who revived the Ronda winemaking of over 2000 years history. Makes premium organic wines that are impeccable for the most sophisticated taste.

Vetas Wines

The Guru of Ronda winemaking. Born in Spain, grown as a winemaker in Bordeaux, he came to Ronda in early 1980s to help Prince Hohenlohe to set up the first vineyard after phylloxera had swiped away the vineries there over 100 years before that time. He brought Petit Verdot, the all French variety, to Spain and remains the apologist of French winemaking in Spain since then. Since mid-90s, he has been running his own boutique winery which is regularly and consistently introduces to the market 3 labels that are beyond any competition. He is firm supporter of natural and organic winemaking who is self-confident in what he does and does not seem to need any formal approval for that.

Samsara Wines

The younger generation of winemakers of Ronda who, being influenced and guided by the big names listed above, decided to commit themselves to organic and biodynamic winemaking. The winery annually releases three labels of unfiltered purely natural biodynamic wines that are on high demand throughout Europe.

To be continued...

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